Meet a Potcake: Artemis

The potcake dog is a mixed-breed dog type found on several Caribbean islands. Its name comes from the congealed peas and rice mixture that local residents traditionally eat, as the overcooked rice that cakes to the bottom of the pot would be fed to the dogs.

Loki passed in June. Very sad times but things are looking up in the dog department! Meet the new pup!

4 months with the lil critter so far. While totally different than any dog we have had, she is adorable.

We adopted her from a local shelter who brought the dogs up from the Bahamas to be rescued. Very worthwhile cause I can get with!

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Tiny House. Wall work complete.

Well it has been a long and winding road to get to the point where the wall work is done. We had supply issues we had pricing issues and we had motivation issues but we are done. Overall work quite happy with the shiplap and how it looks but went with the white paneling for our first wall.. we don’t love it. Perhaps we will get on to changing that in the future but for now the work is done. We need to do the trim work around the windows and the door and in the corners and such but we’ll get that later.. on to the flooring.

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Another Wall Bites the Dust.

We are on to wall number three for the tiny house. With this wall we decided against randomizing the colors and stains and went with a mostly blue hued wall theme what do you think.? We are pretty happy with it overall and now that we are becoming experts on shiplap work the work has gone fairly fast. If only our motivation was better we would be done already!

Obviously there’s still much trim work to do but this is what it looks like. On to the final wall and then finalizing the loft area and ladder.

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Blue Solo Cup Deerfly Trap Hat

Check out the hat sensation that is sweeping the nation. Our nation anyway. We don’t have many rules around our nation but one rule we do have is that deer flies are not allowed.. or while they might be allowed it is only for a short time and they are only allowed to land in the vicinity of a blue Solo Cup which has been coated with tanglefoot.

We have seen the blue Solo Cup hat in many pictures over the years but we thought we’d do a short video up on how we do it and be ridiculous at the same time ( as per usual).

It is messy. But the results are delightful. Have a watch if you’re interested and you want to learn how to stop deer flies from bothering you. You also get to see some of Artemis the new pot cake to replace Loki who sadly has passed.

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Wall 2

We have completed wall number two for the tiny house. It is a combination of shiplap which we stained in a variety of ways as well as Birch sheets. The sheets are held in place with French cleats which help hide screws which usually would go into the front of the boards to support them.

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June and July Happenings

First the bad news. Loki passed away due to a heart attack in the waiting room at the vet. Very sad and shocking to see but time heals all wounds. A difficult time for us but we got through it..and are fostering a Bahamian Potcake. Artemis!

French cleat wall with shiplap in between. Done!
Cows visit our property. Very odd.
Loki is her forever resting spot
Teaching Artemis bad habits
We finally have found shiplap!
J+ and Dudley
Family vacationing

More shiplap!

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Late Spring Update

A busy time of year! We are getting our garden going, collecting eggs, finishing walls in tiny houses and spending more time out doors. We also got some projects done and have some video on the subjects if you are looking for a good dose of vitamin annoying! Shiitake, oyster and bear’s head mushrooms log innoculation. Fun and easy work..except the part where I needed to transport the logs. Trail camera security and a good healthy dose of land clearing to ore for more projects.

..and bees are on their way too..more soon!

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Sun Oven Pork Tenderloin

If I am going to be an annoying blog/vlogger I might as well create a video on things near and dear to my with the sun with a Sun Oven. Bake? Cook? Roast? Something like that. We love the Sun Oven and have been using it for years so it is nice to give it the respect it deserves! We also bought a dehydration tray for it last year.. delightful sun dried tomatoes. Went from snowy to no snow in a week..and an early warm day was the perfect imputus for solar cooking..a pork tenderloin. Yummy.

Devastating. A great 10 years!

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The Tiny House History..and Heat!

Yes..we have heat and now it is fully documented in video too!

We live in a small house which is 650ft in size..not as much room and so we are selective as to what we bring into the house..and one thing that has hard to bring into the house are last spring we started our tiny house conversion project. We bought a shipping container; dug under our shed to allow us to slide in 6×6 beams and beging jacking the structure up. Once high enough we dug under the structure and created concrete piers to allow us a solid structure to build on for now and the future..then we got down to the heavy modifications which bring us to here!

Also ( but the main content!) we take you along for our chimney install; cutting holes for piping, roof modification and running the piping through the wall. Next we move onto the hearth pad creation where we install a mosaic tile hearth pad by breaking up tile into random pieces and creating a pattern..of sorts..with mortar followed by grouting the hearth pad.  Finally the wood stove install for the tiny house where we cut piping, screw things in tight..and most importantly, test things out so that we can have heat with our Jotul 602c forever more heating our tiny off grid house. Exciting!


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Planting 10ish Pounds of Garlic remember October? Orange and red leaves ring a bell? Nippy weather? The season right before Winter..ya know? Anywho, here is our garlic planting extravaganza from the fall..hopefully it all goes well and we are able to harvest 50lbs of garlic this summer. What will we do with all that garlic you ask? No clue..but then again we may put 4/5 of it in the ground in the fall..that will give us time to plan for what to do with our excesses!

Hopefully I did not just curse my easy in year 1 ..and such a confidence boost seeing garlic tops emerging early in the Spring.

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