Amethyst Cove

..we have been wanting to rockhound since we went on a trip a couple of years today we went to a place we were interested in finding..Amethyst Cove.

A steep 70 degree rope assisted desent leads to a rocky Beach..which after a 3km hike leads to Amethyst Cove..beware of the high Bay of Fundy tides and time your arrival on the beach for when the tide goes out…and save energy for the punishing ascent..the picture with me and the walking stick has the point where I forgot my walking stick so I got to go back and get it..punishing.


Not a bad haul all things considered..including a highly magnetic meteorite(ish) find..I think it is magnetite but still investigating.

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Counters of a Close Kind

…the post title is a poor mans version of a play on words to ‘Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind’…great movie, had a many a mealtime motivation to make mountains out of mashed potatoes. Anyway, with some other recent improvements we also decided upon getting some actual countertops cut..we had been using our ‘templates’ for years and while the wood we used worked….it left much to be desired..putting anything hot on it meant the ‘wrap’ would shrink…so we pulled the trigger and bought some new counters for the kitchen area

counter we just need to fix up the cupboards and make it all match..both with door alignment, actual doors ( one over the stove is not attached) and eventually refinishing/adding handles and knobs.

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Metal Roof Complete

A nice task to cross off the summer list of things to do before winter..with the strapping down ( directly on top of old shingles) and attached to the roof the next step was to attach the roof panels..besides the finish work and the unbearable heat the work was less complicated than our shed rebuild last year…ongoing finishing now that we have scraps from the roof. Finally raining/drizzling too..been a dry summer.



And processing wood firewood..We are getting smart, setting up the processing area in a well shaded spot..huge difference for summer work..duh.

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Green Roof Options

We are already doing our part for the environment so the green roof is more a color choice than anything else! A* and I needed a new roof..our current roof was on its last legs and while it has not leaked yet the roasted shingles are toast…and since we needed a new roof we also considered another relevant aspect…snow loads…and came to a decision: we would pay more for a roof which sheds snow…it will be nice not having to climb up on that roof in the winter!

Should not be too much longer to finish off the work..then we can reattach our gutters..which we need so we have more water has been SOOOOOO dry here that our dug well is very the point where we have had to step back on aggressive watering to the point where the lawn it starting to crisp…I don’t recall things ever being this dry…there has been a ban on even going in the woods in the area and camp fires are not allowed either. Makes for easy land clearing on the silver lining department.

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Border Collie Run-Ins

…Jango is gone so nobody ( dog ) is around to tell Loki that she is better off not taking a run at 2 local border collies who live in a barn with horses..Becoming a space dog might help cement the memory in Loki’s 1/2 border collie brain!


Truthfully it is mostly (the ghost of)Jangos fault as Loki learned to interact with these 2 via Jango’s usual method..charging in and seeing what happens. Loki has been great with all other dogs we meet in the park (without Jango) but both of these groups learned early on that they did not get along..hopefully I can change this as the 2 dogs in question are actually quite nice and friendly.

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End of the Jangozotoic Era


13 years with the old boy..never easy watching a dogs health rapidly decline but he had a great life..He was a terror to garbage cans everywhere but he will be missed. Now Jango gets to rest peacefully beside Nova for evermore. Good luck Jango and hopefully heaven is full of unsecured meat trimming filled garbage cans.


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Full Swing

Nice to have the heat of summer back..and the garden is starting to pop..including there new Scarlett runners ( in a temporary space for this year while we finalize the yard space).




And the grape trellis is really growing like crazy..had to trim it down twice already as it was getting hard to walk by without the vines attempting to pull you in..looks like a bumper crop this year. Soon all the perennials will be flowering too which will help beautify the situation…very dry for the last month too…which is odd for the area.


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