End of the Season?

End of the Season?

Looks like winter is here..the end of all things green and wonderful.

But before we got the snow we had a nice day to finish up the chores. Drain cistern, give everything a go over, turn off the outside water pipe..all the same as every fall. A new addition this year is removal of the gutters in prep of snow sliding off the new metal roof.







Everything we planted this year seems to be doing OK. Having spent so many years monitoring the (so many) plants and shrubs and watching progress has made landscaping least from a recognizing standpoint. While we wait for the snow to start sliding off the roof ( and it ending the sliding) we have to plan and prep cutting area and plan an extended garden with a small orchard.

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Mmmm…that is Smooth!, not the driveway, or the road to the driveway. or the road to the road…but it is the road to the road to the driveway! The area has never been paved and in the spring and parts of the winter it is a potholed mess of a disaster..I am sure the local mechanics are not happy about the paving job but everyone else who has to use it is loving it!


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Pre-Vermin Fillup

..we have not had any trouble with mice since before we moved in…but there have been some signs of activity underneath the house in the form of gaps between the gravel and insulation, incessant Loki whining near the deck, light noises and there is fact that we have seen mice go underneath the house. WInter means cold weather and mice ( or rats) look for nice places to stay during cold spells and rather than wait for them to break into the house and setup for a long winter slumber we applied some more gravel around the perimeter of the place to shutdown any access points…


..and let the waiting game begin..leaves are almost all off the trees which means we will soon have a winter deluge or 7..crossing our fingers for light snowfall this winter!


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Garden Overhaul

..A* and I have been talking for quite some time about a larger garden area..and next year we are going to make it happen. The raised beds did a great job for us over the years but decided with a larger garden the boxes were not needed…so we disassembled the raised boxes, transported the garden soil to 3 new(er) garden beds and flattened the whole area.



So, RIP garden beds..may your new area bring you nothing but prosperity, veggies and worm castings.

..and covered over the Boler too..with a new method for keeping things tied down with some meshing we inherited ( truthfully we got a whole boat (31ft) but after spending around 20 hours on fixing the boat up we discovered an area of rot ( the whole lover part of the hull) and we had to set the boat out to the form of a dump). The whole sailboat experience was really that boat ownership is expensive and best left to those who have money and live on the coast.

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How to Make a Huge Batch of Grape Jelly

Step 1: grow grapes and spend time nurturing, supporting and trimming the vines for maximum production\
Step 2: go back in time 3 days to a simpler time when birds did not know that the grapes were a food source…


dang you birdholes! I had plans to eat several hundred biscuits with that jam! I think next year we will harvest a little earlier and not wait for the weather to turn cold..the birds apparently did all damage over the course of 1 day..’Hey, D- I noticed a bunch of birds in the yard yesterday’ but they were not back when I cam home today’ maybe some netting for end of season…or an early harvest..or an ambush. I have a year to plan.

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Seeing Red

Well, I have had our nightstand since I was a was bumped, bruised, scratched and drawn on ( mostly from me in childhood tantrums ( which could have been last week)) we decided to tidy it up a little and give it a fresh finish..mahogany does clean up nice:

Seeing Red

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Some Eggplant Parmigiana Anyone?

..well the eggplants really came into their own these last couple of weeks..been a good year for veggies..first time for eggplants for us..they are great but they do take up more space than other veggies so whether we grow more next year will depend upon A* and he recipe..more soon!


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