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..first things first this the great canadian/american dream? I have a great job where I make great money, have a house with all the trimmings in a good area of the city..2 dogs, a girlfriend I love and a child who lives with her mom a couple of km away..but ever since I saw that video I cannot shake the feeling in my head that something is wrong and then I got something in the mail that helped push me over the edge..As mentioned I have a house where I have lived for 3.5 years. I pay almost $1000 a month for my mortgage payment..nothing abnormal about that. Well I got my bank mortgage statement in the mail today…I have made almost 40 mortgage payments…and I have only paid $7000 down on my original amount..WHAT? I know it takes money to make money but this is plain silly…the banks take the money they are going to make FIRST then I get to pay back what I it takes a long time to really begin paying back your loan..I did some base math and eash year I have been ‘giving’ $7500 to the bank so they would lend me the money to buy the house…this seems screwy to me and has me thinking I need to make a change in life..for many reasons. After talking with my GF we decided to start putting some things into action..first the reasons and then the actions..:


Reason 1 – I hate paying banks..if everyone tried to withdraw their money they would not be able to give all of the money to the customers as they are using that money to lend to others to make more the more you have in the bank the more they can make. I am not going to totally disconnect from banks, only use them less…with no mortgage.

Reason 2 – I am not happy with my own ‘blinders’ I have on. I have been doing too much group thinking and not enough critical evaluations of what I think are the facts. Watching ‘the end of suburbia’ did open my eyes to how much we rely on oil and if I want to make a change in that regard I need time, space and to live differently. I never really wanted to own a house but it did make sense to stop paying rent…this needs to change

Reason 3 – I want to want less, not more. It seems that the human condition is to always want more..especailly in North American society with instant access to anything and everything..too much instant gratification and not enough hard work to get the things you want..there is a saying that ‘..anything worth having is worth fighting for..’ well what have I been fighting for and working for? has always been #1 and happiness a distant second..I took on more and more responsibility to get more and more money and for what…the money did not make me happy and neither did a fancy title. I work myself 12 hours a day and I wonder why..

Reason 4- I am an introverted extrovert..I like privacy and peace and quiet and enjoy nature.

Reason 5- I want to learn to do more..both more with my time and know how to do things that I do not know how to do now..that is wide open but its better then my current life of TV, movies and video games.


Action 1 – try to do cash in hand transactions for all things we buy. IN the past I stayed away from credit cards and only used cash..I finally submitted due to rental agreements on cars for vacations..but banks are the real reason as I pay down my credit card before they charge me interest.

Action 2 – sell the house and mover somewhere smaller with more land …I refused to cut my back lawn because I never used it and I like the nature that I got in the yard when the grass is long..grasshoppers, butterflys…you know..wildlife….in the city anyway. I don’t want to piss off my neighbors or anything but I never liked doing something because I was ‘supposed to’ and not cutting my back lawn was a way to not to what I was supposed to..well I want more of that..meaning to do what I want without imposing my views on my neighbors 25 feet away.

Action 3 – Why not work less, make less and spend less..there is a saying that ‘less is more’ and I think the mantra holds some water. Being successful is something only an individual can define for themselves and I am not content with my current success..even if it is successful. This action is not only related to a job but an overall philosophy and it will manifest itself in all apsects..but some of the actions off the top of my head are: smaller house, less possessions, less work, less money.

Action 4 – move to Hermitville. Population: me.

Action 5 – get some references for things to know how to do, try some things without fear of failure, remember the good and the bad, repeat.

OK, after going back and reading what I just wrote I am not sure that I am not not making please forgive me..what I really mean is that I want to sell my house, get rid of most of my possessions, buy a small property with a dwelling of some sort on it, drink beer and go off-grid. Don’t ask how I got all those things from my vague points and actions..its automagic.


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Opening My Eyes

Oct 2005 – wow..OK, I watched a video today and I think it might have opened my eyes to something that has been nagging at me..not everything in society is as it seems..and in fact there are deep, deep troubles…Just wanted to create an outlet for some of these thoughts..but there is more thinking to be done on the subject I can assure you of that..Just as a note the film was/is called: ‘the end of suburbia’..check it out. – this is the can also find it on


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