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cuba trip results in new scooter

so we wwnt to Cuba last year..the best things that happened to us is that we got to see how priviledged we are here in NOrth America..and it made me want to get a motorcycle..I was in a fairly serious motorcycle accident in 1994 and I had not driven a 2 wheeled vehicle since..but in Cuba I drove a scooter…and it made me want another 2 wheeled vehicle. So, a friend of mine was selling his Honda Jazz for a good price and I bought it off of him. It takes $3 to fill it and it tops out at 55km/h with me on it..A* can make it go around 65km/h. You really cannot understand the freedom that 2 wheeled vehicles are part of the environment when driving and not in a sealed container like when you drive a car..its really nice to drive and since I am not good with excess power the limit of 55 is a good thing..for now.

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Viewing Places, over the past couple of months A* and I have been to around 25 places. WIth the help of our realtor we have been able to view a bunch..most of these places had been on the market for a while and it was easy to see why in most cases. Most did not even fit within our 3 rules for our purchase..under 50000, 3 acres and within 45 minutes. We have been as far out as an hour, have looked at places with no land ( basically ) and some have been wildly over-priced…it really is a sellers market these days..but the initial ‘rush’ of seeing places is now done..I have been to any places that either my realtor suggested or ones I have seen online that I wanted to see. All to no avail. I DO have a much better idea as to what is out there an price ranges though and it has helped set expectations as to what to expect…and if we want to fit within our 3 rules it is going to be a tough find. There were a couple that were OK but for one reason or another were not a good fit..the closest was an old place that had 4 arces, 1/2 hour outside the city but it was OLD and was on a rock foundation and was totally gutted inside and was too highly we needed to pass on it. But the good news is that I can now wait for my realtor to contact me with new places instead of trying to see all of the ones that are out there…that should also give me time to start renovating the house…we have been on the road every weekend for 2 months looking at places to it will be nice to sit tight for a while..I must have put an extra 5000km on the car in the 2 months since we started actually looking.

Some examples of the jems I have seen…

..all of these failed for one or more reason..too far..too many renos..too expensive..nothing ‘just right’ so far but I expect to see more and more..

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