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..the scooter has corrupted me


..fater than a speeding bullet!

well..the love affair with the scooter is over..and after only a 2 month affair..I really liked driving it but the speed issue is getting to me. As a result I was shopping for a used motorcycle..and on test drive number 6 I settled on a used 1988 CB450s. Not too speedy or new but it only had 16000kms on it so it should be good to go for a while. I took it out on the road and I felt that same feeling as usual and knew it was a I bought it for $1700..not too bad as motorcycles hold their value very well if they run, have no rust and have low kms. So, after 12 years I bought and drive a motorcycle again. I tried to drive a motorcycle a year after my accident and I was way to skittish and paranoid but it feels good again. So far I keep to the speed limits and I think from now on I will…there is a saying, ‘absolute power corrupts absolutly’ and I could not agree more..but remembering accidents and operations has a way of calming someone down so I plan to keep the speed low. Haha..I guess I should qualify things a little..low speed yes but the scooter would not go 60 for me so I would have to plan routes so I could get places..I wanted a vehicle that could go on the streets anywhere in the city, so I upgraded.


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