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We Found a Place!

..well it was a long and drawn out affair…but today we bought our new place. Still needs work..but this way we get to do what we want as well as expand in the future if we want. 3 acres and a 28×24 unfinished dwelling.

It started on Friday morning..I looked online and saw a place that fit our criteria and so I contacted my realtor to set up a viewing for sometime during the day..He could not show it until Sunday..( I bet if it was worth $400000 he would have showed it that day!) I got the directions to go out and take a look. It was REMOTE..but the guts were good and it was still close to the city..the road in was ROUGH but there is a subdivision going in nearby and according to online assessment the cul-de-sac will end at the property line ( in the distanct future )..the owner was there and he spent an hour taking me through the place..and I loved it.  So, I went back to work and called A*..I told her that I think I finally found the place we were looking for and we made arrangements to go out and look at it after work and called my realtor and told him I would be making an offer later in the day. End of work comes…A* and I are driving out to see it and I get a phone call..from my realtor informing me that the owner has accepted an offer from someone else…Needless to say I was so pissed off I had to pull over to scream and rant. Taking a page from the ‘you never know’ book..I put an offer in just in case something fell through…and 4 days later it did. The guy who was trying to by it could not get financing…

..the driveway..

..a work of art!..crappy art.

So this work in progress is all OURS!! Not the best shots but now that we have the papers in hand we are going to take a cruise out and take some more shots..LEt the viewing of places end and the beginning of real work begin!!


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