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Battery Woes the cb450s needs a new battery I think. How do I know? Fairly easy to detect when you go to fill up the gas, fill it up and go to start it again and it will not budge or turn over. I needed to get a new one which cost $65 but its not so big a just seems to happen at the wrong times when I am furthest away from home.  This sort of thing has happened to me before too..once on a cross country trip I blew a the time I had NO idea what the issue was and it was only with the help of a passer-by that I was able to identify the issue and buy a new fuse at the service station nearby…after I got it fixed I was relived and started the motorcycle onto the highway and as I accelerated up to speed I blew out my rear tire..what a accident but the bike was flopping all over the place before I got it pulled over. I was stranded for 4 days..not the most fun I ever had..why can’t most mechanical issues just happen in our own driveways!

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First Tour

got into look at the place with A* and J* work is almost done but we wanted to come see it again and the owner did not mind since he was there…easy to tell he was there with the music blaring. He told me it was a security measure and he always keeps it on..interesting.

I am not sure if J* knew what to expect with the place. She has obviously heard us talk of what we wanted to do for the past couple of years but seeing it was different than she expected I think!


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