Battery Woes

22 Sep the cb450s needs a new battery I think. How do I know? Fairly easy to detect when you go to fill up the gas, fill it up and go to start it again and it will not budge or turn over. I needed to get a new one which cost $65 but its not so big a just seems to happen at the wrong times when I am furthest away from home.  This sort of thing has happened to me before too..once on a cross country trip I blew a the time I had NO idea what the issue was and it was only with the help of a passer-by that I was able to identify the issue and buy a new fuse at the service station nearby…after I got it fixed I was relived and started the motorcycle onto the highway and as I accelerated up to speed I blew out my rear tire..what a accident but the bike was flopping all over the place before I got it pulled over. I was stranded for 4 days..not the most fun I ever had..why can’t most mechanical issues just happen in our own driveways!

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Posted by on September 22, 2006 in Construction


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