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Regulator Rectifier..WHAT?

..OK. so I DID have battery woes but the mechanic let me know that the batteries have not been the issue, its the regulator rectifier…it is the thing that changes the voltage in order to keep the battery charged..and mine is broken. On top of that the mechanic was kind enough to tell me that he cannot find a rectifier to fix this issue so I am going to have to go out on my own to look for one..sweet. Just what I was hoping for. Evidently a cb450s is a rare bike that was made for only 1 year..1988 so parts for it are hard to come by..well i n’t that just super! if I did not have enough going on n0w I have a faulty motorcycle to deal with.


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Battery Woes Part II

..what the hell? I JUST bought a new battery last Sept and I just got the motorcycle inspected 2 days ago..and I go outside to start up the bike and nothing..the bike will not turn over..again! Darg..sometimes I just hate mechanical inanimate objects. I was able to jump start the bike and got it into the shot where they can install a new battery and give it a check over to see if there is anything else wrong…not sure what would cause a battery to go bad in this short a time..

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Motorcycle and Scooter Inspection

..well the Jazz scooter passed inspection with no issues..I HOPE so considering it has 1200kms on it. A* is going to be taking a course to get her liscence on it come summer. The Honda cb450s needed a new rear tire but otherwise it was fine its onto a new season of riding! I cannot wait!

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