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A Realtor Wants to Show My House

..We have out house up for sale with a national forsale by owner chain..Pay a flat fee and you get some services..I am one who has always liked to wheel and deal so I did not think it would be a big deal to sell..we have had numerous showings so far but I have been getting alot of emails from realtors wanting to show my is one of the exchanges after a realtor contacted me..I had to post it up:

———-(me initinally responding to realtor request):
I can get you the info but its at home so I will send it over in the evening. As far as any commission is concerned I have been working with other agents and come to an agreement of $1000 flat, not %. If this is of interest to you for bringing in some other groups then I am fine with it.
Let me know about the flat fee, otherwise I will send you over the relevant info in the evening.

Thanks for the response D*. The normal fee for bringing a buyer is half the normal fee for listing service so the seller saves the selling side by doing the work themselves. Agents must split any income with their brokers and depending on the brokerage this can be a 50/50 split. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to waste one of my buyers for $500 when they could be purchasing a house with a 2.5% or 3% fee. You have to ask yourself where is the incentive for any agent to show my house? This is one of the reasons that so many, “Assist2Sell” houses get listed on the MLS system after a month or two of not selling exclusively. Although we are not supposed to be influenced by the commissions, I have heard many agents say that they will not show houses that give a 2% buyers fee. I wish you the best of luck with your sale as I’ve seen it work in a seller’s market, although not so well in a  balanced market and even less in a buyer’s market. When your house makes it to the MLS system and if my buyers have not already purchased a home, I’m sure that I will show it.

Kindest regards,


Hi M*,
Thanks for the reply but I am in no rush to sell at all and if I want to attract new people I can lower the price and also make more improvements to the house ( such as laying tile and updating the washroom which I just finished yesterday, the kitchen is next ). Can’t say I blame you for not wanting to show the place as you are concerned with making money, not finding places for people to live in desirable areas ( can’t blame you we all need to make a living ) but we have already had 2 groups drop their realtors to come in by themselves anyway and interest is still high, have had offers and we are still doing viewings after a month on the market. I know the area is great and many times people have seen the place through driving in desirable areas where they would like to live.
If you change your mind let me know but just so you know, I would rather keep making improvements to the house rather than pay the $$ to a realtor in commission…add value by spending less ( then a % commission ) on making the place look better and add value to a person buying the house through making improvements, not on paying $$ to a realtor to get people in the door when they are already coming.
good luck!
PS – I really like this line ‘  When your house makes it to the MLS system and if my buyers have not already purchased a home, I’m sure that I will show it.’…made me laugh out loud and I appreciate that. ( I am going to print off this exchange to give out to people I show on future viewings to demonstrate how realtors are not concerned with finding people the best places to live, only with the bottom line. Helps people understand the seemingly ‘altruistic’ nature of realtors.) 


Realtors are just contacts..they were here to let you know what was on the market but there are not needed nearly as much if you are in a desirable area and are not in a hurry..there are easier ways to do it without losing a shitpile of moneyin fees..the house will sell and I will sell it…myself.


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