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a trust destroyed…

..where are you..I miss you! Also, the yeard needs some that why you left..!?

OK, so we have not been to the homestead in 2-3 months..We just got our truck all set up and grabbed J* and A* and we headed up to the camp for our first trip in with the new vehicle. The snow is beginning to disappear, the  birds are chirping..and my chiminea is gone. CRAP…I had moved a bunch of suff out here in Sept before we moved out of the house and I thought it was going to be OK..but here I am 7 months later at it has either:

  • grown legs…I think that even Darwin would be skeptical of this one..
  • been taken…drat.

so, its gone. I played it off like it was no big deal when J* was around but I am really concerned..what if I had valuables in the camp? What about when I am living here?..I need to think about this and put on my thinking camp..I will be very limited in what I can realistically do with no power.

Bottom line is that the chimnea is now gone..if you happen to see it please let me know:

..remember all the good times we had? I burn wood, paper and my fingers in you..I will miss you...please come home.

PS – also, the photo at the top was taken in the fall..but not much in the yard changed so I faked could I take a picture in the fall and post it the previous spring..magic!

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