first thing first..a sanctuary

06 Sep, not a panic room. No, not a ultra-complete finsihed productaroo..when I say sanctuary I mean a place where we can go where we don’t have to be in an incomplete area.  We are scheduled to move into the camp in about 3 weeks..the electricity is done, the plumbing is we have power and running water, the windows are in, the door is in, the solartube is in and the siding is complete. the next steps are all inside and its all stuff that A* and I can do all by ourselves.

ALL of the insulation has been removed from the place and there are cuts in the vapor barrier to allow for the removal of the the next steps for us are to put in the insulation for the entire place, reseal the vapor barrier with tuck tape, apply acoustical caulking where the vapor barrier meets the floor..then ( and here is the exciting part ) put up some drywall! Yeeehaw! We are onto our next set of major projects and the first thing we are going to do is our bedroom. As I mentioned, we will put the insulation back up, reseal and apply caulk for the whole place today and then go into the city and buy some supplies..then tomorrow we start the drywall. I am also starting to grow a ‘drywall beard’ and I will be growing it out until all of the drywall is done in the hopes of using a disgusting goatee as the imputus to hurry along.

Materials to buy:
– 15 sheets of drywall
– drywall saw
– 2 cases of mud..get the sort that the dust falls directly to the floor..cost 2-3$ more but worth it!
– corner paper tape
– fibreglass tape for seams
– 1 box of drywall screws
– drywall screw heads..specially made to sink to proper depth for drywall screws.
– corner mud applicator…bought a plastc cheap one and a meal more expensive one
– mud applicator blad/trowel or whatever you call it
– patience..can I buy that? I hope.

As I said..when this is done we will at least have a place for our bed and when we do the rest of the work we don’t have to surrond ourselves with much.

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Posted by on September 6, 2008 in Construction


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