Off-Grid Lighting v1

24 Oct

..Ok. So when A* and I are doing any major work we have been using the generator and when that is on there is full lights since the power is on. No problems.

After the work is done we are using a Portable Power Unit with a built in inverter that can run up to 600w. Works well for the power it consumes. I think there is some loss due to conversion from 12v to 120 but I am not sure what the cost is..To help cut down on the costs we are also using a LED LIghtbulb that I bought off of eBay a couple of months ago. They screw in and only use 1.5 watts vs the 7 or so of a CFL. The light is not super bright though and once you leave the room it is in you are immersed into complete darkness. The only way to get around other than that is a flashlight or a headlamp. I am quickly habitually putting my headlamp in the same place when I go to sleep so that I can find it in the cold mornings..its bad enough that the days are getting shorter but now I cannot even turn on the lights too see. Well at least the place is a dusty disaster anyway so there is not to much to see anyway! Small miracles I guess.

there is the light and power for now...WE'RE WORKING ON IT! Upper is a CFL and the lower is an LED bulb that consumes 1.5 watt and gives 9 lumen..if that's how you spell it..or if it's gives more..or less.

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Posted by on October 24, 2008 in lighting, solar


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