wood stove install

11 Nov

..yeehaaw..we have heat other than kerosene! We have been in here for almost 2 months and while the kerosene has done a good job of keeping us warm so far we needed a more permanent solution..installing our wood stove. I created the temporary hearth pad a couple of days ago in the new area…I had been planning on having it all tiled and grouted but life got in the way. We did have a stove installed when we bought the place but it was in the middle of the room and it took up too much space so we moved it to the outside wall near the kitchen area. We still have not finished the room but we have the roof and wall done where the wood stove is going to go

Jango and Nova helped too..they barked whenever I swore!..they sure were barking up a storm!

..we went overboard and put fire-resistant cement board all around the area where the stove is going to be..for the extra $20 for the cement board it seemed like a no brainer.

the cement board is the drywall that looks like concrete..HEAVY

Getting the cement board up on the ceiling was a was so heavy and floppy that it took us almost 45 minutes to get the 1 piece one point we did not thing we could hold it up any is easily 5 times heavier than regular drywall.. Anyway..the installers called as directed..and I drove the truck out to grab them..the road is not ideal and we have had some people show up to give us an estimate who turned around once they saw the condition of the ‘road’. I asked them to park at a friends place at the end of the trail and we came in to do the work. During the install we needed a piece of pipe so A* went out to get it while I stayed with them..10 minutes after she left I got a call from an irate tandem truck driver..apparently my friend was getting 5 loads of topsoil delivered that day and the installers truck was in the way. truck to drive out so I had to jog out with the installers van keys to move it. One thing became apparent..I am out of shape. It is around 2 km away and by the time I got there I was sweaty and tired. I moved the van and started back.

WHen I left the installers were still planning..when I got back they had a hole cut in the ceiling and we beginning to cut into the roof. We planned on having the pipe exit through the roof rather than the wall as it can help with heating having the pipe run inside the room..We DO try to do everything ourselves but this is one of the exceptions..anything where there is danger of damage or personal harm we leave it to the experts ( plumbing, electrical and wood stoves )..we don’t want to worry that the house will burn down now do we? Inside the living area is a regular stove-pipe..where it meets the ceiling is a junction and the pipes switch over to insulated piping. By the time the insulated pipe was all installed and the pipe cap was on A* returned home with the needed part..just in time! We moved the wood stove in from the shed ( it was much easier with 2 strong men rather than 1 stong man and a strongish woman! ), set in on the pad and 10 minutes later they had cut the 3 lengths of stove pipe, connected it and we were handing over the cheque! Done! The whole thing took around 2.5 hours..I drove them back up to their truck and came back to start our first fire! I had no kindling or even a hatchet so I went outside and collected some twigs and bigger branches…I crumpled up some newspaper, made a teepee with all the smaller twifs and lit it up..5 minutes later and all of the twigs and branches were on fire..and I added a big log..15 minutes later we had a fully functioning inferno in the wood stove! No more kerosene heat…now it was just a matter of how long the 2 cords of wood would last! It is so nice heating with has been nearly 20 years since I have had a wood stove and I really missed it..I love the heat it gives off, the smell of a fire burning in a house and that fact that if I ever needed to I could burn wood from my own property foverever!..not that I am planning on it but its a nice thought!


As of right now the wood stove is missing the top has the breadwarmer but I need to get a new piece for it..When I was moving it out here the piece that attached to top to the base snapped ( cast iron too ) I need to either get another from the manufacturer or weld it somehow..

need to get those stickers off the pipe!

So..there is still one thing I need..a heat shield for the back wall behind the stove..I already asked my friend who works in a sheet metal company to pick me up a sheet..we are going to attach it behind the stove this weekend..then it is all done..for now.
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