Winter Driving Do’s and Don’ts

15 Feb the weather has been warming up quite a bit the last day or 2..since we have to drive 1.5 kms down a private road that is basically driving on top of 1-3 feet of snow that has been patted down we need to watch for temperature spikes..I know that especially well now that I did not watch the temperature and got 1/2 way out to the road before I realized that if I attempted to go further I would get stuck. I had just came out of the worst spot when my tires started spinning..and digging in. I stopped where I was because I had a good head of steam up to this point but going either forward or back would mean I would sink into the slush more then I already had been raining all I packed it in and left the truck where it was..the temperature was due to drop again during the day. So..I just went in and got the truck..the ground was solid but I should have waited longer…When I got in and tried to back up I started to dig in..not good so I gave it some gas..and more gas..and more..then I shot out of the ice faster then I intended and started to go off the road. Don’t worry..I was able to stop just after I tore off the passenger mirror and gouged the side of the truck..oops. The good news is the truck is out and I can get to work..the bad news is I am still a moron and I like to reinstall things.

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Posted by on February 15, 2009 in Construction


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