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2 garden boxes

A* and I got started on our veggie garden today…actually it has been a week long process but today we got the garden actually started. Last week I made some garden boxes..I bought some 2×10’s and added some support in the corners so it would not collapse. I did not use pressure treated or treat the wood myself since I do not want chemicals in my food growing least not chemicals I don’t add on purpose. I went with 4×4 boxes. We are doing raised boxes because the ground around here is not great for digging or growing..this is really our first attempt at growing food so we wanted to keep it really simple and after investigating this seemed like the best way to start. After the boxes were built I place them where they were going to go and dug up the area underneath. After that we got in the truck and went and got $60 worth of organic soil..then home and filled the boxes up..we did not pack it down and kept the soil we filled it we watered slightly…no problems..then we left it for a couple of days as we finalized what we wanted to grow and where.

need to make some supports for the climbing veggies now!

We settled on easy to grow veggies to start..some from seeds and some from transplants. We bought 6 tomato seedlings and from seed we started bush beans, summer squash, beets, zuchinni, lettuce, spinach and onions. We followed the directions on the seed packets and planted it all!..and now we wait.

..grow baby grow!

..while we waited I also got a start on a perimeter fence..Less is more so I cut off some hardwood trees that were thin enough and hammered them into the ground 8 feet we need some actual fencing..either way it is a start so hopefully in a couple of months we will have something to eat!


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