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Off-Grid Showers with a Zodi Extreme Hot Water System

A couple of months ago A* and I got a sweet Christmas set of gifts from A* parents..protective gear for rain and cutting wood..all great but this what the crowning achievement is..a portable shower. We have been off-grid for 9 months now and for the first 4 months we used an outdoor camp shower when we needed to wash up..or we would heat up water on the stove and take a bath.. for a camp shower you heat up the water in the sun and take a quick was all well and good in the summer but as the weather got colder and colder it became a lot less fun. On top of that the showers were not all that fun due to having to be so fast..but as of Christmas we have been using this in place of a camp shower. It is a Zodi Extreme Hot Water system!imageThe base comes apart and when assembled you attach a small propaine cannister to it and light it..
imageThen you put the filled water cannister on top to heat with no attachments connected ( as opposed to the top image )..on the side of the canister is a temperature gauge to tell you when it has reached the temperature you desire.
imageWhen the water is hot you put in the pump..lock it in place and pump it 10 times..
imageAttach the hose, remove it from the heater base and you are ready for hot water.

Turn the hose section to ‘ON’ and you are in Hotwaterville! In reality it is not much different from some types of fire extinguishers..but it really works well. It has 4-5 times the capacity of the old camp shower…and it beats heating up water for hours to bathe in the tub. We usually heat it up and bring it inside when we need it. I have been showering at the gym 5 days a week..but that will change soon when we get a hot water heater installed in the fall..I hope. But for now this does the trick. It is a good thing that we live in the middle of the woods because I am not sure that people would like to see someone showering on thier front porch if we lived in the city..It is really great and for anyone who has issues getting hot water I think something like this is a must!..there is nothing like a hot shower..or a shower in general when you are filthy dirty or sweaty! A*’s father worked helping fight forest fires and he used these all the time which is why he thought we might like one! thanks!!


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Who Wants to buy a!

a real beauty…great on gas!

When we bought the property a couple of years ago it came with 2 vehicles..both would not start and there was NOOO way to get them out by driving them. Before we actuall moved in I had a guy come in and take one of the old tercel. It was before we moved in here so I was not here so I mailed him detailled directions and told him to go in and grab it..I was VERY descriptive as to its location and the condition of the road in at the time..rough in 2 spots..The night it was picked up I got an angry call from the driver..he was not the guy I was talking to via email and he was very concerned about getting stuck or ruining his truck..but he was to the point of no return and he had to get to my place to turn around to go back..long story short he took the tercel. might need new tires.

So I am putting it online to see if anybody wants to come and get it for that we have a temporary driveway/road I am hoping that someone will come and get it! I am guessing it has been here for 5-7 years…so it needs to go!


 I really want to get rid of takes up space, holds garbage and junk, cannot move and is lazy..wait a second that actually sounds like me more than the truck! going to post online and see if I have any takers..cross your fingers!


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