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Crushinator Dust

..a small mix of rocks..more resembling dust.

OK, so we have been talking about getting some crusher dust to put down in the garden and around the house…there is already some down and for $100 I get 10 tonnes so we figured we would get some more..make things more level and pleasing to the A* ordered it and it was delivered today…everything was perfect with the exception that we got thr wrong kind of rocks..evidently crusher dust comes in 2 varieties…the usual crusher dust which are SMALL..almost like rocky dirt where the individual pieces are no bigger than a couple of cm..then there is the kind that was delivered..everything..its small, its got some more pieces that are bigger..NOT what we wanted. By the time I got home and discovered the error it was too late..they would not come back to get we have a 10 tonne pile of rocks sitting in our yard..anyone up for shovelling 20000lbs of rocks into 400 wheel-barrell loads? No?..thats what I thought..and it goes for me too.

notice the larger pieces..they are the ones that are not small..

and not to be outdone…

..if you don't watch Futurama you should..the Crushinator!!

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