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Who hates crusher mix? I do! a couple of weeks ago we had a little mix up with the crusher mix vs. crusher dust..and ended up with the wrong size of rock..we wanted to use the crusher DUST to level off the garden area and top up the existing crusher dust around the house..long story short we got the wrong stuff..but at least we are done now! We decided to use the MIX to level off an area where we usually park the truck..the MIX could not be used to go around the house..MIX is usually used to create roads..and usually with big machinery..we used 2 shovels. the stuff was impossible to work with. Crusher dust is light and easy to shovel..just to get a spadeful of the MIX was a could not simply drive in the shovel and throw it in the wheel–barrell…if you tried it would bounce off like you were hitting a basically needed to scrape off the top took SOOO long. We spent 6-7 evenings over the lasy couple of weeks..we would do 10-20 loads and stop..usually we were drenched in sweat and would need to stop anyway..or fall down. Now that its all done it was not so WAS great exercise..and we DO have a level spot for the truck..but the bottom line is that we are done with crusher dust and crusher mix for the season..too much work like that and I will be in traction. We will try again next year with the proper DUST. One thing we did learn was that it is important to be specific when dealing with deliveries…if they said mix and we agreed through ignorance we only have ourselves to blame for 10 hours labour…but the time spent was not all that important because all we are is crusher dust in the wind..groan.

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Posted by on July 7, 2009 in Construction