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Planting the Lilac

..well..we have had the lilac tree for around 3 weeks..and in that time it has really come to life. We gave it some compost tea from the recycle bin and water and some shade and it really came to life..Well, the last week it has been HOT..and the lilac tree seems to really be suffering as a result…all of the leaves are floppy and as limp as a Buffalo Bills fan in the second half of the Superbowl after a speech my Marv Levy..’OK team,…lets get out there and suck!’


..this plant looks limp..Jango guards it from moisture.

But I digress..the lilac tree looked in danger of going the way of the dodo so I needed to do something…I started off by telling it jokes but nothign happened..the I tried to get it to drink beer and smoke cigarettes..but no noticable I looked online and I guess what I should have been doing was planting I did. Gave it a nice base of compost, then a compost and soild mix on the sides followed by plenty of water….well, that was 3 days ago and since then the plant has come back to life! Leaves are not limp and it seems to be in a much better situation in full sun..

..that is it planted ( the green thing to the left of the outdoor stove )..not the group of maples..further left!

Maybe its just me..but I think it was the jokes that made it come alive..what plant doesn’t like hear knock-knock jokes? Come on!

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