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battery bank

the new power source!

..bought a battery bank, wiring, 3 charge controllers, battery maintanence tools, 12v charger, 240w of pv solar panels..I saw the advertisement on an online classifieds site and was the first there and negotiated a GREAT price on everything..I had been pricing the equipment for a while so when I saw it online I knew that I needed to get there quick. The battery bank is 5 years old but has been on a trickle charge for years..not an optimal solution but the truth of the matter is this..with the price I paid I am really only paying for 3 of the 4 panels..the 4th panel and everything else is I will see what I can do with it in the meantime. They are Trojan 6v batteries that I have wired paralled and in a they are 12v..they are capable of 75amps for 108 min we will see..They say for many off-grid battery owners usually ruin thier first batteries through not knowing what to do or how to do it properly so the risk is fairly minimal when the batteries are free! Now I just need to hook it all up and run it to the panel in my house and I should be good to go..Obviously I still need an inverter…but now that I have the rest of the components I should be good to go!

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