Chicken Coop…4 walls

20 Jun

A* finally made me put up all 4 walls for the coop project. She said that ‘…either you finish builing that coop for the chickens to sleep in or you can sleep in the doghouse!’. OK, so nothing that harsh was more like ‘…were you going to attempt to finish that coop anytime this summer?’ Ah..jeez. So I told her that we would have the roof on and all 4 walls done by the end of the month..I cracked under pressure..what can I say? I should have said that it was not a coop I was building but a piece of modern art..that way I would already have been done. Actually if I said that I was creating an artistic piece I could have hung a hammer in a tree and called it a day…I don’t know art but I know what I like..and no, its not a hammer hanging from a tree. but I digress.

Since the front and back walls had been up weeks ago I needed to make sure everything was flush(ish) so that it will all be square..nailed some new 2×4’s into place and resecured the posts holding the wall up..again.

So the remaining 2 walls are only 4×8 so it should be twice as easy to do up as the 8×8 walls. 1 wall is just a wall so it should be no problem to do..the other is going to have the door in it so I needed to do even less for it. So, just as before I constructed the walls on the ground then lifted them into place…I don’t have an air compressor so I secured the walls with screws for extra strength instead of trying to hold the walls and keep them flush while I nailed them. In 2 short hours I had all 4 walls up..pretty sweet. Its funny..when you keep putting stuff off it only seems bigger and bigger but when you actually get in there and do it things usually happen faster than you think.

Just to be on the safe side I put up a couple of more posts to hold the new walls in place and nailed some smaller 2×4’s on the top of the walls to make sure nothing moved again before I get to the roof later this week or next week..WHen I was nailing these pieces I could really tell a difference in the started to feel like an actual building..or at least not flimsy like a house made of straw or twigs.

I am not sure if I should actually be putting the sheathing on the outside before I do the roof so I will have to do some investigating either way..but no more procrastinating..originally I told A* that we would have chickens by June..I am now looking for the first week in July..hopefully..but the first weekend in July is busy so it might get pushed back…again. thats what I like about not having too solid a plan, its easy to change! Indecision is the key to success! hehe

wow, 4 walls! this is the front window area.

..and pointed toward the door area...yeah, I know. Great photography. these shots are the equalavent of cutting someones head off in a pic


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2 responses to “Chicken Coop…4 walls

  1. Robin

    January 9, 2011 at 4:48 am

    Yah! Maybe you will surprise yourself and get chickens early. Early like maybe in May. :)

    We are great at procrastination too. I was supposed to have drywall ceilings before the end of December but… that didn’t happen. lol

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      January 9, 2011 at 12:00 pm

      hehe..yes. I didn’t have enough to procrastinate about so I added this blog to help me avoid other things. Having nearly 3 years of activity still to enter on this thing seemed great at it seems daunting. ..I should have content for a while as long as people don’t mind going back in time to view WAAAY back on June 20 when I posted this originally ;)hehe


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