..Canada is…

22 Jun

Wow..that looks like it needs some work

Canada is the Rocky Mountains. Canada is Prince Edward Island..Canada is on my shed roof. Yes, over the last week we have been painting the shed as the weather allows. It is an all metal shed that is 12×16 and it is full of junk. Our neighbour mentioned that we should paint it soon or it might start to rust out…A* loves painting ( as opposed to other forms of work..not as a hobby or anything ) and this seemed right up her alley. First off we needed to remove the rust and particles so we took a broom to it..then a water and vinegar solution..then we battered the shed in a beer batter and deep fried for 5 minutes…wait a second that is my fish and chips recipe. Anyway, we put the vinegar solution on to remove additional rust. Nothing to shocking after this..she primed it and then painted it..We also have painted a racing stripe on the door to make it open faster cause the door would only open in 2 seconds but I needed it around 1.8 seconds for reasons of safety. We went with a bright red. NOw..we were running out of paint and could only do 1/2 the roof ( it is metal too ) I got an idea ( usually a bad thing ). We live around 10km from the airport as the crow flies..and we have many flights departing and arriving directly over our camp/house…so in the spirt of nationalism I decided to use the rest of the red paint to paint a 10ft symbol of all things Canadian..a maple leaf. I was on the fence for a while about what I would paint..would a beer can be a good representation? COuld people read a ROger Whittaker song lyric from 3000ft? Did I have the artistic intergrety to pull off a maple leaf? Anyway, I did it to the best of my impatient abilities until the paint ran out..I will need to fix it up some but if you are flying out of an airport and see a maple leaf that is about 100 times bigger than usual it might be mine. flags are so 2005.


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