Coop Roof…

26 Jun

..but could also be Coop OOPS!

So, I needed a roof for the coop. Its much easier to keep chickens dry when they have a roof. It also saves having to shovel out the coop after it snows…not to mention extra protection from hawks and owls…or so the experts would have us believe!

Anyway, I did some research and it appears that before you shingle a roof you should sheath the structure..but in the meantime I wanted the roof structure up so that everything would be square and solid when I put the 4×8’s on. Before I started I thought I wanted a peak roof..but I had no idea how to do that..then I wanted just a slanted roof because it seemed simpler..but I had no idea how to do that either. I asked around but with only my dog present there wasn’t much in the way of ideas ( besides going to get Jango an treat ) I decided a slanted roof would be easiest for a roofing rookie like I got to it. By now I am getting really good at making squares on the ground ( mom is sooo proud!) then securing them so why change things now? I made a 18inch x 8ft mini wall and secured it on top of the back wall..simple.

..rear wall of roof..

I figured that 18 inches from back to front was enough to make sure that no snow would accumulate ( at least not as much ) and the water would run off. Over the course of researching there were more then 1 way to do something..I settled on 1 or 2 ways..either cut out the 2×4’s to be fat with the roof ( I hate attempting to make fine angle cuts ) or use pre-fabricated metal ties to hold the roof in place ( yay..easy!)..needless to say I went the easier way. the metal pieces were $.99 each and I needed 14 of them.
I cut the 4 end pieces so they would not overhang on the sides and secured it all..the hardest part of all of this was making the end pieces for the front and back so that I could nail the front and rear boards on..I cannot remember the proper term for the front and rear pieces of the roof so I am going to call them ‘jazzers’. these jazzers were a pain..the roof is 18 inches higher in the back than the rear..and I am sure if someone did this sort of thing for a living they could work out the angles themselves from the measurements took me 6 2×4’s to get the correct cut so the ends of the 2×4’s were the same angle as the jazzers. I guess it would be 90 degrees. jazzers. Anyway, I did 1 up properly so everything was 90 degrees and then used that one as a template for the other 6..then I secured these to the front metal brackets and rear metal brackets on top of the walls. then a roof skeleton was born. seems more complicated when I type it out..usually when things are complicatd I just stand still and scratch my head for 30 minutes and I don’t remember doing that too much and there is no new bald spots on my head so I must have somewhat known what I was doing…although if you look closly at the pictures you will realize that I did not know..and still don’t.

but shag it..either way the skeleton is mostly up! I still need the nesting boxes but that will not be for a couple of weeks…after I put the sheathing, window, door, roof, tar paper and shingles…I should have converted the dog house like I had originally planned..this all sounds daunting! is starting to look like something..

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