New Trees!!..or should it be: new trees.

29 Jun

..not the best time of year for buying new trees for the homestead..but the price was right. A* and I were out at a local grocery store and we saw some good deals on trees. Since it was no longer ‘planting’ season the prices go down..We have been in the market for a couple of Nootkas ( ) but we were not sure if we wanted the trees as they were $75 each..and it was really unclear as to the discount because things were not clearly labelled..well, to make a long story short, the store was closing and we decided against buying the trees.

Later in bed A* and I were talking..we knew the prices were going to be high for these trees and it never hurts to ask how much the trees were getting marked down to…so A* was going to go back to see how much the trees were and see if she could work a better deal. WHen I say ‘work a better deal’ with A* I really mean for her to ask and see what happens. I NEVER go to a mechanic, call places or go and ask questions about things..the reason being is that A* gets things done for her that would never happen to me..Just last week I ask A* to pick up some materials and she comes back telling me that the guys in the warehouse we just throwing things in the truck and saying that the stuff was free..mechanics treat her well too..often driving her to her destination after she drops off a car..and thats the actual mechanic!..anyway, so I send A* to talk to the people at the garden area at the grocery..and she comes home with 2 of the Nootka trees..for $35. So, we basically got a free tree and %50 off the other one. I bet if I were the one to go I would have only gotten 20% off. I don’t make the rules..but I do notice them..and once again the power of being attractive and sweet go much further then being an abrasive impatient jerk! Street smarts wins again! the only thing to do is plant them! Exciting times! of the 2 new trees...lets hope it makes it in this heat!!

..yes..planted…the magic of losing photos!

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Posted by on June 29, 2010 in Construction


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