New Fire Pit

16 Jul, we are in the final stages of getting rid of the 2 tonnes of crusher dust we purchased for the garden and around the house..and then the garden..but what to do with the remainder of the gravel? Well, I came home from work today and A* had taken care of it for the base of the new fire pit! The fire pit is an old oil drum that was cut in 2 with a grinder saw. I had placed it in my yard and never touched it..when I should have. After I put it in the yard it started to rain and filled with water..and with no holes for drainage I had covered the whole thing with an old window and the water had been slowly was down to 2-3 inches so A* was able to dump it and haul it out of the way..then she filled the area with 15-20 loads of crusher dust, levelled it out and put the fire-pit looks all professional-like..for the middle of the woods anyway. So, we lost a pile of rocks and gained a fire pit!!..When I got home I lit it up to burn off any remaning oil and hammered a hole in the side to prevent it from filling up again. We are happy because in the past we have had a fire whereever we were in the yard..last spring it looked like we were bombed there were so many burned out circles in the yard..don’t get me wrong..those places are really fertile but at the same time its nice to have something a little more permanent…and its also nice to be done with the 3 week job of heavy lifting of crusher dust…I think I will drink a warm beer to celebrate!

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Posted by on July 16, 2010 in Construction


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