Propane Bill Sept09-July10

18 Jul

..OK, so propane was installed last sept. When it was installed I was worred about running out in the middle of winter and having no way to get the propane truck installed so I had 2 400L tanks installed..and today they cam to fill up the tanks since last fall..we use propane for tankless hot water and for a small heater. Since I was worried about running out we did nto really use the heater too much ( maybe 3 hours total since last Sept. ) and only used the propane for hot water. today the delivery truck comes while I am up on the coop roof putting on shingles. A* talks to the delivery guy and I see him go over to the tanks with the hose to fill it. 1 minute later he walks back to the truck, packs up and leaves…I was confused..So I get off the roof and go to A* and she is looking at the reciept.

Sept – July $20.21 for propane…wow..I guess we need to start using more propane..this fall we are heating the camp with propane in October and skipping the kerosene!

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