there are many colors…

27 Aug this off-grid rainbow.!

..I just flew to my house to see this rainbow..andboy are my arms tired..groan..

A* and I were driving home from work..or she was picking me up after I got off the bus. Anyway, when I was on the bus I had seen a brilliant double rainbow..if a double rainbow is 2 rainbow then I saw a double rainbow. If not then I just saw 2 rainbows. That is not what this post about..but the earlier rainbows were an example of foreshadowing within this post. Stay tuned. So, as we drive to our place I notice a rainbow in the general vacinity of our we get closer and closer I notice that it is almost as if the rainbow were ending at our house. Took a couple minutes of video and grabbed some screen captures of the rainbow and A*.

..holy rainbow Batman!..The rainbow ends at my house! In the woods!Yee-haa...rainbow!..TOUCHDOWN! Yee-haa...Rainbows go up by a field goal!

When we got back to our place I spent an hour looking for a pot of gold but the only thing I could find that was hidden was 3 empty beer bottles worth 39 cents and one of the dogs toys I had lost a year ago..worth $7. I was expecting a pot of gold so needless to say I won’t be investing in any rainbow schemes in the future…stick with silver for investing folks…I wish it were a silver rainbow..or even a beer rainbow. My father always told me to ‘beware leprechans and thier fancy ranbows’ I know what he was talking least the rainbow could have talked to the tooth fairy and left me a tooth with a gold filling or something..jeeze. I guess it is Friday so being home for the weekend is like finding a pot of gold..fools gold…at least the way I do it.

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Posted by on August 27, 2010 in fun


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