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A House..on the level?

Going through the local classified I spied a contractor who specializes in raising houses..So I emailed him telling him of my small project. He returned my email and the next night he was out to my place from around an hour away. He had pictures on the classified site of the work he had done and he went over the process and answered all of my questions…needless to way I was very excited..we are getting ready to start doing the floor and before we started I would love to have a level place..and we would also love to expand by 100-200 sq/ having something level would make things much easier. My idea was to put the place on concrete piers..the contractor told me anecdotal evidence that made me want to put the place onto a concrete wall..he mentioned that after 2-3 years the wood would  rot and might need to be replaced..not to mention the better resale value of a place on any type of actual I am going to find some quotes for a concrete the meantime he is goign to do me up a formal quote..he did give me a base idea of the price to start things off..$4000..not cheap but it would be a sound investment if I can get a half decent deal on a foundation before the ground freezes.

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Pain in the Lower Neck..or upper butt.

Don’t read too much into the sexual innuendo intended..the title is a round-about way of saying my back. If you want some actual intended innuendo here is some for you:

‘If I told you that you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me? ‘

Yeah…so I wrenched my back right good like. Am away for a golf weekend with 30 ( yes 30 ) other savages and we were down at the beach at 3AM and out of our gourds..we ended up burning most of our clothes..and near the end it was a forced clothes burn..sounds sort of homo-erotic but it was nothing of the sort..people were stumbling around, falling in the swamp, going swimming in the ocean and rough-housing..that is where I got the sore back..I refused to burn my hoodie and was tackled. Don’t worry, I did not lose the hoodie but the guy who attempted to tackle me was begging me not to throw his new Atlanta Falcons hat in the fire…and I didn’t. I am hoping this back is not going to slow me down too much but its really tender today. Ah well..2 more days of golf and we will see whats what.

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Don’t Look Gift Dirt in the Mouth


the guys have been removing dirt for fill down on part of the driveway. Today when I pulled up I was asking prices for loads of dirt:

 ‘Do you want some dirt?’

“Yes..not sure how much yet but we wanted to do up another box”

“Hold on a second”

..then he gets in the dozer, grabs a pile o’dirt and takes it up to my place…he did this twice for free..It took us an hour to level out an area but we now have a flattish piece of lawn! All fo the area needs MANY more loads but it is a start at least!

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Last year I had a hummingbird feeder out and it did great..there were 2-3 hummingbirds using it for most of the summer last this year I bought 2 more feeders and spread them around the yard hoping to attract even more hummingbirds. Well, I did have more feeders but it seems like I have less hummingbirds this year then I did last year. I always make sure that the syrup is not fermenting and do not put in more then will be used in a week..then change no matter what happens during the week. There are 2-4 around but I have a hard time telling them apart when they are moving at 200k/h. One of the feeders I bought for the hummingbirds is supposed to be an ‘ultra’ model for hummingbirds and they will supposedly love it..Well, that was 2 months ago and I have only ever seen a hummingbird use it twice while the other feeder in the area is in constant use ( a hummingbird every 2-3 minutes ). Bummer..but it is getting to the end of the hummingbird season soon anyway so I will be taking them down to encourage the birds to travel south..winter comes quick! Its funny because in the early part of the season the hummingbirds will not come within 20ft of you..but at the end you can get literally inches away and they seem mostly indifferent. Amazing creatures!

..and yes..that is a tree snake in the last picture…he is not poisonous, especially via the internet.

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