A House..on the level?

29 Sep

Going through the local classified I spied a contractor who specializes in raising houses..So I emailed him telling him of my small project. He returned my email and the next night he was out to my place from around an hour away. He had pictures on the classified site of the work he had done and he went over the process and answered all of my questions…needless to way I was very excited..we are getting ready to start doing the floor and before we started I would love to have a level place..and we would also love to expand by 100-200 sq/ having something level would make things much easier. My idea was to put the place on concrete piers..the contractor told me anecdotal evidence that made me want to put the place onto a concrete wall..he mentioned that after 2-3 years the wood would  rot and might need to be replaced..not to mention the better resale value of a place on any type of actual I am going to find some quotes for a concrete the meantime he is goign to do me up a formal quote..he did give me a base idea of the price to start things off..$4000..not cheap but it would be a sound investment if I can get a half decent deal on a foundation before the ground freezes.

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Posted by on September 29, 2010 in Construction


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