all things rough become semi-smooth and sorta-silky

04 Oct

..the final pile and an attempt to feed the birds.

..first the bad news..the local flea-market is no more…which is not a terrible thing except the fact that the best book-seller in the city is no longer local. I guess the spot for the old flea-market is now being leased and there was trouble finding a new they shut it down. What is happening to the world when we cannot keep a flea-market open. Sure, flea-markets are not what they once were..I liked them much more when they were actual things people were getting rid of rather then cheap products without a store..but whatever. The only reason I ever was there was to get some good books for a fraction of the cost..I was devistated and I have no idea how to find the bookseller.Anyway, on with the good news..the trim work inside has started anew. We started to plane the sawmill lumber I bought in February..I supposedly got 800 sq/ft of (mostly) wide plank flooring so today we went through it all, separated the best pieces from the rest and planed the smaller pieces. In total We did around 50 pieces ranginf from 4-10 inches..and we will be using this to do the trim around the windows, doors hopefully the baseboards. Hopfully I have enough to do some closets too but I am not going to count those chickens until they hatch! The boards were various widths..I had to make a couple of passes through for most of the boards and for 15 of them I had to do 5-6 passes. In the end the boards went from 1.5 inches – 1 inch to 3/4 of an inch. I only got the 15 bigger boards planed down all the was a time consuming task so we did not get all fo the boards done..still 35 that will require 1-2 passes to finish..hopefully! The big boards are going to wait for now…need to see hwat is going to happen with having the house raised before I start doing the floor..but one way or the other this is all going to be done before december..I hope.

..finished these off at they will be trim inside..

..the boards after pass number 1 through planer be flooring..picked out the best pieces and will use the rest for trim..but I still need to plane these pieces

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