Oh back ( part 2 )

10 Oct


Now I’ve done it. I have been taking it slow for a couple of weeks and my back has started to feel better..which is good because I have so much winter prep work to do…so I was just outside and getting ready to start chunking up some more wood..but there was still my old woodstove in the way so I decided to move myself with a dollie..the moving king od dollie, not the babie kind of dollie. So, the old woodstove is on a small incline and it took me 5 minutes just to get the dollie underneath but finally I did it..then I started to pull the stove up the incline. ONe of the wheels got stuck in an awkward position so I had to give it more gusto..and I did. 3 steps later I realized that I needed to lie down, FAST or I was going to keel over due to back pain. CRAP!

I had been back at the gym all last week too and then this happens..major setback. Does’t my back realize how bad I need it this month..the snow is going to fly within 2 months and I still need to plane the floor and chop 3 cords of firewood. No respect..I am officialy writing that back out of my will and am now goign to donate all of my wordly possessions to my hair since it has never let me down. don’t realize how often you use your back until it is out of commission.

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