to build a better trap

13 Oct

Oh crap…I ‘built’ the trap.

OK..first an explaination…or a philosophy..or an can choose for pressure. So, I am not a perfectionist. ON the opposite side of this I subscribe to more of a ‘scrum’ philosophy on matters of construction..especially when I don’t know what I am doing..I like to do something instead of thinking and rethinking. How many times in your life have you thought about to the point where you have ( in the end ) decided it was not worth it ( after spending a night thinking about it ). Personally I like to get stuff done when I can and one way I do this is to say to myself: ‘self, you have 1 hour to complete this job to the best of your abilities.’..rather than ‘I am going to start this and see where it goes’. At the end of the hour I wanted to have a complete squirrel trap…not another 4 hours of work..and with that in mind I set out to create ‘Squirrel Catcher 1.0’.


– some scrap osb ( chipboard )
– small chicken coop wire of a thicker gauge
– some scrap 2×4 from the coop
– screws
– nails

OK, so I cut the osb and made an open ended box. then I cut the wire mesh and covered the end and attached it. then I cut a hole so the squirrel could get access, then I made a trap door holder and cut a piece of wood..the final touches..a piece of tinfil with peanut butter inside attached to a string which in turn is attached to the top of the door…

So..the squirrel goes in and tugs on the tinfoil it pulls on the trap door and the trap door falls..then the squirrel cannot escape…muhahahahhahhaha.

It is perfect(ly aweful)! OK, so its no Picasso..but I am no Alvin Eptsien!..hehe..It should work..I know that I need to make it better but I am not going to at this point…it cost me nothing but an hour of my time…I will set it up and see what happens…stay tuned..or tooned if I catch Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

Lesson Learned: I need to spend 2 hours to make it super awesome..but if version 1.0 does its job there will be no version 2.

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