Prep d’liver

19 Oct that is not liver prep it is my interpretation of ‘Winter Preparation’ in pseudo-french…not quite french but close enough..its like putting processed cheese slices on poutine..sort of french. Anyway, A* and I started some prep for winter.

We already ordered and stacked 2 cords of wood to go with the 2 that we already have so we should be fine until the spring..but we do have around 3 cord that is cut in 8ft lengths from trees that I cut down in the spring so today we decided to chunk them up in preparation for splitting..chunking is the term used to describe cutting up an 8 ft length into 6 ( roughly ) chunks. In the past I split the chunks by hand with a 1olb maul but this year we are going to rent a splitter and see how much quicker it will go. I wanted to split the 4 cords by hand last year..and I did..but it was very time consuming, sweaty work..if I did not go to the gym already it would be a different story but I know how to do it and CAN do this year I am going to split via a machine…but as I mentioned..first, on with the chunking!

I made a saw-horse this year. In past years I used a product that I bought worked OK but was a pain in the as in many ways and in the end I am not sure it was any fact, my friend K* was looking at my chainsaw in the spring and told me I needed a new bar and chain. He said that there was uneven wear that would eventually cause the chain to jump off the track and could injure me. ( it actually did jump off the guard around 2 weeks later but caused no injuries ) I went and got a new bar and chain for $44 bucks. I think that the reason I was having issues with uneven wear was the sawhorse I used the last 2 seasons holds the log up to cut from 1 point using the weight of the log to hold itself in place..the problem is that the logs were not level and as a result I was always cutting on an angle..the end result being uneven wear. Anyway, I made a sawhorse. Truthfully I only half made it since it uses 2 regular sawhorses..on top of these 2 sawhorses I have 3 2x4s nailed together to form a log trough..and on top of the 2x4s is a sheet of sheet metal so the logs will slide easily but will not move around when I am cutting with the chainsaw. So, we place the first log on, cut, slide, cut, slide, etc..done. Grab another log from the pile and begin to cut..and I notice there is all sorts of slack on the chain..this was the first time I had even used the saw for 5 I shut it off and take a closer look. Well, as it turns out the guy who put on the bar and chain when A* got the replacement in the summer did not fully secure the bolts…and now there was only 1 loose bolt holding on the blade..after a quick look, then a more in-depth look I discover I have nothing that will fit and the log cutting is done for the day. crap.

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