squirrel buster 2 weeks later

27 Oct

..OK, the ‘squirrel buster’ was not a rousing success. So far it has amassed nothing but a mess..since I built it with mesh and not a lot of room to work with it is hard to clean. Its been in operation for 2 weeks and it looks like it just came out of the box..what box you are wondering..well if shit was shipped in a box instead of bowels it would be that kind of box.

ON a lighter note..the squirrels have been going the way of the dodo..or are not around as much as they were in the past. It might just be the fact that the trap is acting like a deterrant and keeps the furry savages at bay..but I have also instituted ‘an eye for an eye’ law for the squirrels and have a note up to that states the the female squirrels don’t really care but I know the males are thinking twice about coming into my yard and stealing my nuts…sorry, that was too easy to pass up.

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