Wood Burning Disco Inferno

02 Nov

Don’t get your hopes up..disco is not back…nor is there an inferno…but we do have woodstove heat! A* had some late work to do so I came home and started up the first fire of the year..I am always a little apprehensive the first time I light a fire after a long hiatus…did I do a good job cleaning the chiminy this everything sealed back up, do these pants make my bum look know. As soon as the fire roars up and the eco-fan starts turning all of that angst goes up the flue with the smoke..I love wood stoves! As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago we had been using the propane heater to keep it warm and it got to 21C if the conditions were good and we did not go in and outside too much. Well,  when I started the fire it was 12C in the house. WIthin 3 hours it was 25C..NICE! As an added bonus I also brought home a pizza and threw it in the oven of the does not cook as rapidly as a regular stove..but when it comes out it is SOOO good.

Here is to a new season of heat, pizze, bread and prosperity..and safety of course!


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