ah…the pain

07 Nov

..if I chew the end off it might stop hurting. now that winter is almost here I needed to chop and split some wood..Most of the wood is all chunked up already so I just needed to split it. I have been using the same chopping block for 3 winters is from one of the first trees I ever cut Anway, so I start the wood splitting season today. I had arranged to rent a log splitter in Sept. but time ran out..I wish I had of rented that splitter.

Here I was..on my second wheel-barrow of was about 50% hardwood/50% softwood..It has had 2 seasons to dry..but softwood is so hard to split. So, I drive my 10lb maul into the chunked wood..Stuck..not a big deal as this is a common occourance with softwood..I get the sledgehammer out of the shed and start tapping it on the end of the maul to slit the round chunk of wood in 1/2…tap, tap, tap..feeling preety good..I will apply more ‘umph’ to it to help it slit better…and then I miss the head of the maul by 2 inches..and smash the top of the maul with my index finger holding the sledgehammer. PAIN..this would have been hilarious on Americas Funniest Home running around the yard screaming while holding my hand high in the air and staring at my finger..Its times like this when you wish you were 7 years old so you could roll around on the ground crying..hehe.

This is not the first time I have hit my I go inside, rinse of the dirt and hanging skin and put on some antiseptic ointment and a band-aid and go back to big deal. A* comes home 2 hours later and I tell her what happens..she wants to see the wound so I take off my band-aid..what a mistake..the finger goes from normal to 2 times the normal size in 2 minutes and it is throbbing like a Fred Flinstone injury..the pain is intense! My whole fingertip is purple…the pain stays bad all night to the point where it is preventing me from sleep..I am usually not a wussy but this pushed me to the brink..and to top it all off..I ate all the painkillers by the next day the pain had subsided to a point where I could use my hand..I need to be more careful..a really stupid way to injure myself.

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