Scoutguard Trail Protection

17 Nov

On the solar burrito blog there is a newer post about being broken into..I had something similar happen years ago and settled on some trail cameras to know who is in the area as well as catch anyone who might have broken into the place if it ever happens..Anyway, Scoutguard is the brand of trail camera I has one of the fastest capture speed ( I think a blazing 1.2  seconds between sense of movement and shot ) , is small and easy to conceal and also has infrared instead of a flash at night. Had mine for 2 years now and never had an issue..and it has taken many good shots..I highly recommend it. Anyway, just going to post up some shots from the trail camera so you all can get an idea for how it looks as far as quality is concerned:

Below are some images from the trail camera from the night a racoon attempted to break into one of my bird feeders. I knew there  was something amiss the next morning when I was getting ready to leave for work and noticed the bent mount for the feeder. Its also funny that the captures shows the time of the encounter..the dates are wayy off due to not being reset but you can see that the masked bandit spent 5 minutes trying to pull it down…I literally have 20000 images..most are of chickens, squirrels and  sparrows.
The camera in these shots was in a pile of chunked wood that was awaiting to be split. The scoutguard also has a camo outside which aids in concealing it.  Hell, I even forget sometimes and in some unedited versions of the trail camera shots features me showering with a camp shower attached to the front steps..not flattering…but I fixed that by moving the cameras a little further away and showering in the actual washroom after the hot water went in. ;)
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