..flooring update…”Boss de plane(r)!!”

22 Nov

Holy frakk.

‘The best made plans sometimes go awry’…or instead of ‘sometimes’ it should be’usually’ and ‘awry’ it should be ‘to hell in a handbasket’. Not even sure if thats a quote…if it isn’t then just let me say that today was a little bit of  a shitshow.

OK, so I had a plan for yesterday. Square the ends of the boards that we are going to be using for the flooring ( 1.5 hours )…started at 10:30 and finished at noon..PERFECT! Step 2, plane boards down to 5/8( 2 hours) started at noon and fnished at 7:30..well..there goes the rest of the days plans…and not just that I also still need to do 8-10 more boards to compensate for the areas being cut…darn…The good news is that I get to do all of this in the dark tomorrow night after work! yeehaw.

Working with a wood thickness planer is not difficult..but it takes so much time..The area that I set up was directly in front of my door. I brought 2 sawhorses up and after I marked all of the ends to cut I took the boards outside and stacked them so I could easily get to the ends of the small feat with 1/4 cord of wood and a planer already on the deck…but I made it fit. After I cut the ends I was in a perfect position to grab the boards and feed them into the thickness planer..then walk to guide the wood out of the planer..down the steps..put the wood back in front of the planer then walk back up the steps..all the feeding in a bent over position… back is killing me soon as I sat down after finishing off the boards my muscles in my back were tight and if that were not enough I am still battling recurring back pain from 2 months I was done. I must have walked up and down the three steps of my deck more than 600 times..easily more than 600. The sawdust was 3-4 inches thick on a couple of occasions so I cleaned it up to make sure I was not tracking excess sawdust into the house. In the end there was a pile of sawdust that was 3 ft high and 3 ft wide..and so I threw it in the ‘outside’ area of the chicken coop ..hopefully to absorb some more smell..which is not extreme or anything. We still need to sand the boards and I need to plane 5 more for extra cuts as well as trim up some of the side pieces to make the gaps less dramatic..but then onto the attaching the boards to the floor!

Seems to me that this is bringing back memories of drywalling..initial estimation being way off..things taking 2-3 times longer than expected..nothing good. The thing is about all of this is this: I need to get all the wood planed AS SOON AS I GET THE BEDROOM DONE.

I took a bunch of pictures but did not get them off the camera yet…will post them up the meantime here is a picture of something unrelated to the story:

Destroy them my human robots.!..I don’t think a planer would have helped with this project

and from the ‘WTF Files’:

...I mean, if you are going to go this far why bother to pretend you are not a savage..Drink from the bottle..

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