Flooring Update – sanding and waiting

24 Nov

..OK, so we came out tonight to do the sanding and remaining planering..or planing…to do the rest of the work on the planer…OK. So, after I posted last the other night A* came home..she got home from dinner with my mom and J* in the city while I stayed home for the day and did the planering..WHATEVER..worked on the planer. SO, I write the post and publish it and am relaxing on the couch while the advil kick in when A* gets home. She is an a tizzy because we need snow tires on the car and she wants it done ‘tonight’.

Me: “Tonight? I just spent the day bent over a planer..there is no way I am doing it back is killing me. When is it supposed to snow?”
A*: “What? When were you outside last?”
Me: “An hour ago or back is killing me”
A*” there is 3-4cm down on the ground now”
Me: “Blurg”

Yes, so the snow fell minutes after I came was cold but not really cold all day but we got the first snow on MOnday..We took the truck into the city and stayed at my sisters place since she is away..we had planned to do this anyway since there is woodchips all over the place from me and the dogs going in and out…the only difference was using the truck instead of the car.

Anyway, so we go out and the plan is for A* to sand while I plane the remainder of the wood for the we get out there, I get a fire going and change the water in the coop which has frozen up..we spend time getting the planer set up and go over the belt sander instructions ( we just bought it and I usually insist upon reading all of the instructions) and are ready to go..then we go outside and it has started to pour. blurg. the plan changes immediately..A* does the sanding and I sulk..then go investigate under the house for the girder distances so we can attach the flooring to the joists. Our floor is a little was built like a regular floor then they put down a sheet of 1.5 inch styrofoam for extra insulation..makes finding the joists nearly impossible. So I clean the house and do odd odd chore was to try to sing like a winter bat outside after I had climbed a maple tree. mmm..odd. I could not really start using the planer for 2 reasons..there was no space to plane and sand at the same time and the potential flooring is stored under tarps in the front yard..and I don’t like exposing the wood when it can get wet.

So, A* starts sanding..starting with the 80 and moving to 120 grit. After 2 hours she is done. As she finishes the boards up I take them inside and try to find the best configuration..all of the boards are different widths so the randomness looks nice. When it was all said and done we got all of the rough spots out and the boards have a more uniform look to them…but as I mentioned I still need to plane more wood to finish…then sand. Then comes the actual fastening of the wood to the existing floor…then the oil..then the coating..blurg…2 steps forward, 1 floor back.

Once again, no pictures..I will post up a bunch tonight/tomorrow and post in tomorrow with the work in progess..I am sure I am keeping the 2 people who read this in suspense!

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