I need to raise rabbits!

25 Nov

..did not do any work last night..stayed at my sisters place again and took a night off in the city.

A* and I went out to dinner at a local restaurant 100m from my sisters place. It is a nice lace that has a seasonal menu and a couple of things caught my eye..the first was an appetizer, Beef Cheeks. The second was a rabbit dish. I had both.

The beef cheeks were like roast beef only basically falling apart because it was so tender. tasty. The rabbit was really good too, lean and tasted like chicken..I have had rabbit 4-5 times before but it was usually served in a  pie. both were good, a nice server and a couple good bottles of wine…we did not have to drive for a change.

Over dinner A* and I talked about the city and country and the differences..I told her that I was having trouble sleeping with all the noise in the city. We can hear some traffic at night from our house..but the road is 1KM away so its not really loud, just seems it because its so quiet out there. We do stay in the city sometimes..but its usually when we have had some drinks and opt to stay rather than drive..and its usually planned anyway since we do not leave Jango home overnight, but when we have drinks I sleep like a rock so its not usually an issue. Anyway, we finished our pleasant dinner with a glass of port and went back to my sisters place to make and drink cappicino and sit in the hot tub..quite a difference from our place..especially a year and a half ago when we had no hot the early days we would have to boil water on the stove when we wanted hot water..and a bath was a 2 hour affair..where A* would get it going and I would continually replenish the heat with water on the stove. Anyway, its been a great 2-3 day vacation from our reality of being off-grid but I would not trade what we have to move back to city-life.

Oh, I need to raise rabbits so I can eat is supposed to be easier then raising chickens…but then again I have enough projects on the go as it is. Plus I am not sure I could kill a bunny. Back to work tonight..hopefully get the wood all done for the bedroom.

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