flooring update..3. Need to nail this one!

28 Nov

OK, so Friday night got home and got setup for a busy weekend. A* still had 6-7 more boards to sand so I got started attempting to fing the studs so I could properly attach the flooring. As I mentioned on some other posts, we have 2 inches of board insulation between plywood then attached to the I need 4 inch nails instead of 2 inch nails..but to find the studs I took a 6 inch nail and began guestimating the locations of the studs..the first stud I found on the second attempt, the 2nd stud I found on my 20th attempt..I eventually found out that most of the studs were 1.5 inches apart..the 2nd stud I would was 33 inches from my first..I missed the 2nd stud and was onto the 3rd..I knew that there was no way that the studs were spaced 32 inchs apart otherwise I would be falling through the I went 1/2 way between the 2 and voila..16.5..from that point on I only missed 2 more times when finding the stauds at the top and bottom of the studs..then it was a matter of running strings between the exposed nails and I knew where the studs were..and from there I could make my cuts to have the food all fit with end pieces meeting at different parts of the floor.

Then Saturday we got up early and went over and picked up our new fridge..or at least new to us..then it was back to work!

Once we go t back and I had the studs identified things went fairly quickly when comparded to the planer work..I was able to get the room done in around 5  hours..that is the cuts. So the floor only needs 3 things now:

– nails on studs
– stain ( x foo )
– polyurethane to protect

..the nailing should only take an hour or 2..then A* really takes over..I don’t have the patience for staining so A* takes care of it..we picked out 4-5 samples that we liked and brought it home and applied it to a test piece..not suprizingly we did not really like the stain that we originally liked best and opted for a really light brown ( golden oak ). I hope to get it all nailed Monday night.

On another note..these chickens are driving me bananas. the roosters are constantly crowing and onces 1 of them starts the rest of them join in..I now think I have 5 roosters in the I need to get on the butchering train..I read how to do it now its just a matter of doing it..I promise to do some and post about it once the floor is done in the bedroom! My sister and her kids were out on the weekend too..they loved the chickens. My sister did not believe that I actually had chickens..before she saw them and as she walked up the driveway she was laughing..the kids loved them..I think all kids do..especially ones who have never really seen a chicken before up close..they are fun..when they are not crowing. The rest of Sunday was spent picking away at things and better edges on the butt-ends of the boards.

Oh, also. In looking at stains and finishing  I was hearing/reading many articles where people were talking about ‘distressing’ and ‘hand scraping’ thier wood. Both of these techniques involves making the boards look older through making them scraped and tarnished..taking away a perfect piece of wood and scraping it and stuff so that scrapes are not as big of an issue so that it looks old and used..well the bad news is that ‘hand scraping’ is a long ,labor intesive task..the good news is the just the way we did our wood qualifies the wood as ‘hand scraped’ it is uneven when people ask what we did to the floor I am going to say, ” Oh, that? We had it hand scraped. We thought that distressing the wood would keep with the spirit of our place better..and would you like a cold beer from my fridge?”

after planing

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