Will it make it 21 days? More or less..?

07 Dec

so the pak-lite has been going for 2.5 weeks now on one single 9v battery. 24 hours a day. it is supposedly rated for 600h..which is just under 25 days..

Truthfully I am really impressed with this little light. I keep it on all night and I can see my way around when it is totally dark..but not enought light to keep me up. It IS overpriced if you ask me but I like it..I like it so much I am literally about to log online and go buy another one with a red LED. I mean for the $2 it costs for a 9v battery I can have it on for 2-3 months at night and never need to replace it! I am going to buy a red one today since it is good to see while not ruining your night vision..perfect for lighting and also looking outside..or moving about during the night. the site if you are interested is: pak-lite
Also, I have been on a bit of an eBay binge lately too..recently bought: a new slingshot, a glass cutter for turning wine bottles into cups, 2x12v LED light strips..pretty cool..not sure what for but cool, wood hygrometer for measuring moisture levels in wood ( so I can be sure the wood is dried out for the wider planks I have for the flooring )…not to mention 3-4 gifts that will arrive in a couple of weeks for my nieces and nephews..and J* too!


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Posted by on December 7, 2010 in fun, lighting, Purchases


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