winter prep part 2

08 Dec

..A* was not a fan of these least as a decorative feature. She said they clashed with the early snow.

a couple of weeks ago a friend and I had a chance to get some storage bins that someone had been using as part of a wood cutting business that was in the process of being sold..for free. The price was right, my back was still sore but if I moved slowly I would be fine.  He was driving his friends truck that was pulling a trailer. We could not use the rear of the truck so we had to use the trailer alone. We unpacked the 3 he had on the back and we set off to grab some more.  This guy had hundreds of these on his 3 arcres where he processes firewood. He had 2 horses a bunch of chickens and geese…and a great location on a lake. The place was set up really well and in fact this is the same place that I had bought hardwood from for my winter heat in past years. Anyway, so K* and I loaded up the trailer..with 9 of these bins..we needed to tie them down too and going back to my place I thought we would lose it, we looked like we were driving the leaning tower of Pisa!..but in the end it was fine and stayed up..We eventually did get 3 loads and ended up with enough wood for 4 cords of wood storage apiece..which equates to 12 bins each. Some of the bins are plastic so they stay on top of the other ones to keep the lower ones dry…at least that is the idea.

After a couple of days A* and I got a chance to get out and chunk up the 8ft lengths and put them into the new storage bins..While it does nto look great it is much more organized then it was before so I am pleased with the outcome…

..the processed wood in the storage bins. the metal thing in the middle is part of the structure I built to hold wood while I chunk it up.

SOme of the other things we have been up to as far as winter preparation:

  • moving the wood box to the can store wood for a week
  • cutting up a weeks worth of wood
  • turning off outside water and draining the line
  • resealing around insulation board and house
  • old hay on top of garden boxes
  • putting summer chairs and stuff out of sight/underneath tarps
  • planting bulbs for spring
  • planting garlic for spring

I also went to put some more feed in for the chickens and one of the bags of feed got soaked and turned into a mess..moldy and I dumped it out after I got rid of the mold.

..I hope the chickens don't starve..I suspect they will not.

So, the bottom line is that we are now prepared for snow..and now that we are prepared I hope that it does not come.

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