Baseboards..and wardrobe in…and more prep work.

21 Dec

So we spent Saturday getting the place rearranged back like it was before..or at least all setup. We attached the baseboards for the floor and moved a waredrobe we bought a couple of weeks ago into the bedroom. Its a small space so there is only so much we can do but it looks more roomy now with the new arrangement. We did not want Jango to scratch up the floor so we moved th bed closer to the door and the wardrobe on the far wall. Looks nice and we were able to dismantle the old wardrobe that had been cramping the living room. Without the wardrobe the place looks much roomier. Its amazing what removing something will do even in a space this small.

With the remainder of the old wardrobe I placed the pieces over our bonfire pit in prep for snow..ever tried to have a bonfire in deep sucks. Unless you dig all the way to the ground you cannot get the fire going good..the snow melts and the fire continually with the pit covered I should be able to start a fire easily..and to make things even easier I covered the scrap wood with a tarp to make sure it stays dry..yes, fire is crappy in deep snow but so is trying to find wood under 3ft of snow..a couple of years ago we had a winter bonfire to burn all the excess trimmings from the trees we cut up for burned great but we ran out…until the snow melted..turned out we were all standing on 2ft of wood that we could not see and didn’t even know it.

We are also in the process of setting up a 10×20 portable garage..with a small space such as ours we are always having issues with storage..and in the winter when we need to put stuff under roofs the storage crunch becomes even more acute..we run out of room..I only stored my motorcycle in the shed and put the scooter in a friends garage ( in a trade where I took all his junk away to burn ) so its not as bad a storage crunch as previous years..but we needed something for the wood if we want to do the flooring over the winter. We have the frame up now..’..setup time should be 2-3 hours with 2 people’ according to the instructions..well..we are 2-3 hours in now and only have the frame set took us 1/2 just to get all of the pieces identified!..then there is the whole ‘where do we put something this big that is level’ question..with the lay of my land finding a level enough shot could be the biggest issue!

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