Binocular Follow-up

07 Jan

..a shadow of my former self

..I am an idiot.

I was looking around for mirrors and for ways to keep fog off mirrors for my binocular stand..pricing new mirrors and stuff all in the hopes of using my Zhumell Tachyons more regularly in the winter..not much success. Then I started to say to myself, ‘..if only there were a way that I could use the stand without needing to use a mirror…’ when I had a thought. Why not just turn the binoculars around so they point up instead of down at a mirror? ONce again, one of those instants where you wonder why it took so long to come up with such a simple solution to a problem. So, when I got home I grabbed my gear and headed outside. Turned the binoculars around, aimed ( roughly ) and there was stood out bright red and with the extra light pick up it was surrounded by other stars that were usually too dim to see. Next I moved onto a planet…I focused in on Jupiter. You could clearly make out the planet and I could see 4 of the moons as well..pretty neat. In the 9 months I have had the binoculars these were the clearest viewings I have had and I cannot wait to see more. Also, I read a story the other day that a 10 year old girl found a supernova somewhere in Canada on her first attempt at trying to find one..apparently she had 50 pictures to compare the stars to and on picture #4 she found a new supernova…amazing. I am envious. I have been reading a book called ‘a brief history of nearly everything and there is a whole section on a guy in Austrailia who had found numerous supernovas with basic equipment.

..and now that I have something working...there is peace in the land.

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