Freezing Temperatures are not all fun

25 Jan

Its been really cold. Really. Its never really ‘nice’ here this time of year but its been -27c with the windchill. Every couple of weeks we stay a night in the city visiting friends or family so we thought nothing of it when we finished up the chores for the day and set out to go into my mothers place to put some tile in for the kitchen she is renovating. I was just grouting and my mother had a contractor in doing some electric work so I could not go in during the we packed up at 6PM and headed into town. We stayed over with Jango and went to work. After work we head on home and the place is cold. 3c inside and freezing inside. We got home at 6:30ish and I started the fire and the propane heater to help heat up faster. By about 11 it was finally up to 18c inside. I settle in to read and around 12:30 I hear a large BANG..followed by water running or spurting water..WATER. Water was flowing out of my tankless water heater..I turned off the inflow within 10 seconds so no water damage. I get a screwdriver, take the front off and water is still flowing out of the side of a copper pipe. It had burst. hot water. It was late so I dig up the warranty..the unit has a plug in system that prevents the unit from freezing..if its turned on. We are off-grid so the power to the unit is turned off when we are not using water..WHAM. thank you cold weather. I had though you were terrible before but I am not sending you a Christmas card this year..its over.

..dripping water..lets replace it! time I am getting no burst pipes.


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2 responses to “Freezing Temperatures are not all fun

  1. jambaloney

    November 6, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    this past winter i learned about sump pumps after ours failed and flooded our basement and destroyed a TON of stuff we brought with us. 6 days later i learned about frozen pipes and jet pumps when our uninsulated basement froze, popped pipes AND cracked the casing of the jet pump. we spent 2 weeks melting snow in bins.

    got a new sump pump, jet pump, insulated the basement as best i could and put a kerosene heater in the basement i would fire up twice a day on cold ones…

    this year will be better, nothing like replacing expensive equipment !!!

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      November 8, 2011 at 6:35 am

      It nearly drove me to drove me bonkers knowing I could have prevented it..the lessons learned best at the expensive ones..never again!


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