Reinstall of Tankless Water Heater.

07 Feb

took the day off work to be here for the install. After it was all said and done it was better than expected. Lets leave it at that. ;)

SO the 2 installers show 3:30PM. Murphy’s Law. I was waiting around so I decided to clean up the was warm )(2-3c) so it was a good day to be outside. With all of the snow we had last week ( 50cm ) I had gotten up on the house before the second load of snow ( the 2nd half of the 50 ) and shoveled it off..I did not want something to go wrong with the roof. I could have prevented the 1st heater if I would have spent more time on the manual, or easily drained I got up on the house for an hour and shoveled it all off. Just so it was a fresh start..and make sure that lack of effort did not cause something to happen that I could prevent.. It was a nice day..I started my motorcycle up, cleaned the shed and was just finishing up when the installers showed up. I walked over to greet them and hear a loud bang from the shed..probably something I moved..Showed them in and they got started. I don’t like to poke around to much so I watched for a minute then went out to finish off cleaning the shed. I walk in and my roof has buckled in on one side from the snow. Wow. Super. The shed is metal and really only has 1 beam spanning the roof and is secured on both side at the wall..the beam has ripped through the metal as is now being supported by milk crates 1.5 feet lower than where it should be. There were some 2×4’s so I cut one short enough to hold up the beam and hammer it into place so it will not go any further down. Then I get the fun task of shoveling off a 12×16 shed on a ladder. The 50cm with the additional 10-15cm was too much for this roof..and by the end it was nearly the end of my shoulder. As I was going around with the ladder I would have to sometimes climb through the piles I had just pulled off the roof and it was up to my chest in places..not tiring. I took a couple of breaks to check on progress..and by the time I am done shoveling the hot water is done and tested. Hot I just need to temporarily raise the roof and brace it before dark in an hour..I have a 4 tonne hydraulic jack that I used to raise one of the corners in the I put the brace on some 2×4 scraps and used a 4×4 to continually raise the roof and re no time at all I had the roof back to where it should have been in the first place…Its snowy in a couple of places and there is a seam in the metal roof that is off and will drip water but at least it will not get worse. I am going to patch it up and then put a full frame into it in the spring or supper..I want a bunky or something and the outer structure is good on the shed it just needs more internal support..and something different for the roof.

Funny though..shovel off my house and my shed caves in..maybe it was a good idea to shovel off the roof..that is the silver lining for this story..and the hot water ( I tasted the hot water and it seems about $1500 more bitter then the last hot water we had. )

The Old:

And the new..sorry for not having more pictures..I was a little busy today!

..with some freshly washed dishes too..nice and hot!


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2 responses to “Reinstall of Tankless Water Heater.

  1. Robin

    February 25, 2011 at 10:06 am

    Wow that is a lot of snow on the roof. What a bummer part of it collapsed. Since it snows so much where you live, does that mean that if everyone stopped shoveling their roofs that all the them would break? I think I feel like a pansy down here. I’ve only driven in patchy snow a few times in my life.

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      February 25, 2011 at 10:13 am

      if it snowed enough it could..most of the roofs in this area are extra strong. with my roof I have a bigger than normal overhang that needs better support with a new deck we are in the meantime I go up and shovel it off..I worry more about not putting preventative effort into things like hour once or twice a winter would be enough to prevent problems from happening..and they are much easier to deal with then a $5000 roof job. this summer I am going to make that shed better than ever, I just need the imputus sometimes to force the issue!


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