Window Trim

03 Mar

OK, so we got back from our trip and now that we had a vacation we need to get down to work. I still have months left before we will be able to start the floors again but we still had all the windows and trip around the doors left to sand and stain..and put up so over the weekend we got to work. Friday A* finished step one of the project..making the boards silky smooth through sanding. The weather was not all that warm but that would not be a problem with the sanding but could be a problem for the staining on Saturday. The boards were in a pretty good state already so sanding took a couple of hours.

freshly sanded..

After the sanding was done we put the boards back up around the windows and just tacked them up..We had taken the unstained boards down in December so we wanted to be sure that everything still fit OK since we wanted to make any adjustments before staining..the boards were all fine..thankfully..the table saw is buried in the shed right now..when the roof caved I had to shuffle things around fairly dramatically so the table saw is not all that accessible.

close enough!

Saturday morning we had our breakfast of eggs and toast..we had enough eggs from the chickens for 2 each..while we were away a friend brought the chickens water in exchange for a bottle of duty free rum and he had taken the eggs for himself to prevent them from freezing..and before we went away we brought out a dozen eggs for my family members so we were without for a couple of days as the supply caught up. I was also saying to A* as we ate that one of my favorite  meals on vacation was breakfast..each day I had 2 eggs, toast and bacon..which is what I have on weekends at home..if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The chickens were not able to give me guava juice though..but there are limits and I cannot always be on vacation! Anyway, we got to staining. I set up in the portable garage..even with the temperature outside at -4c it was still much warmer out of the wind inside the garage. It was working so well until the sun came out from behind the clouds and the sun hit the garage..and it started heating up even the point where water begins to drip on me at the boards I was attempting to stain. Water and stain are not friends. So mid project I needed to relocate outside in the sun. 1/2 hour later I had the stain all done.

waiting for the stain to dry

It was not super warm but within 2 hours it was set so A* got to work with the varathane..and this is where the mess began..or I should say it began and was almost done before I took a look. The stain was not an issue in the cold but when I looked outside A* was applying a goop to the looked like windshield washer fluid mixed with taffy and A* was having trouble..the brush looked 2 times bigger than it was due to extra residue being stuck to the brush.but by then it was 95% A* finished it off and brought the pieces inside to was not as big an issue as I thought..the varathane went on thick but there was only 2-3 pieces that looked odd when it dried. A* and I took a different approach to window trim due to the fact that most trim on the windows is covered up with curtains so we are not looking for perfection..we want it done more than we want perfection.

maybe she inhaled too deeply and got varathane fumes!

Sunday morning came and the wood was all dry. So we got to putting up the trim. It was a quick job with not too many mistakes and within 2 hours we had it all done. There were some changes that I DO need to of the doors needs a cut to fit properly and one of the bathroom side pieces needs some work..but it is all up and secure..and it looks great! A* and I have been pretty slack the last 2 months but we are now focused on execution of tasks for the spring..over the next couple of weeks ( weather allowing ) I am going to be cutting down wood for next winter and planning for a bigger garden in the spring

..still need the actual completed laptop ran out of juice last night!

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