Chicken Out of Coop Experience

21 Mar laptop is having issues and I cannot get the middle part of the story up..but here is the end product:

overcooked by 25% to imperfection! is coming but we did away with 3 of the roosters..the hens were getting too much the point they would not even come outside when I put out seed.

A* stirring the pot again!

Not too bad..1 become a roast the other became a soup…the roast was overcooked so it was not as good as it could have been..even though these guys were roosters they still had lots of meat on them..I would say that each bird was around 5 lbs after butchering. A* and I were also at the local farmers market this weekend and they were selling free-range chicken at $3.50/lb birds would be worth quite a bit if we put them on the market!..not that we will! Anyway..from chick to rooster to a roast and soup..chicken, the bird that keeps on giving! We still have 1 bird to cook before the weekend too..maybe fajitas!

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Posted by on March 21, 2011 in Construction


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