Cookstove Cleaning and the Chimney Sweep..

01 Apr

( and an updated pic of the trim work from a couple of weeks back )

..we decided to clean the cookstove and pipes..Our wood was wet this year and sometimes we would get more smoke which leads to creosote so we want to keep on top of it and do maintenance so we don’t get into any issues with something going wrong that we could have prevented.

A* and I took apart the cookstove and cleaned out ALL the ash.


The cookstove has an oven and the way it works is that smoke flows all around the oven and then out the stove ash gets everywhere inside and can build up.

out with the old..

The stove bottom is where things fall from the chimney so we scooped out all of the ash..there actually was quite a bit more than we have had in previous seasons.

my ashy muse.

Not a clean job as ash gets all over the work area.

After the stove was clean I went up on the roof..took off the pipe cap, connected the poles to the brush and vigorously plunged for 15 minutes. More ash and creosote collected in the bottom of the stove and A* cleaned it up as we went..I DID push the brush down too far and I got it stuck for 1/2 hour..too odd an angle to pull back up the pipe from the roof so I had to get A* to leverage the brush from below while I pulled from above and it finally popped free..

all clean!

..then the stove was clean, safe and ready to burn again!..or for next season as the burning period is coming to a close VERY soon! We also noticed that some of the paint in the clean out area is peeling..might need to get some touch up paint if I can find it..

OH..also going to include some pics of the trim work we did that I never posted up..forgot to follow up until I downloaded the pics from my camera:



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2 responses to “Cookstove Cleaning and the Chimney Sweep..

  1. Robin

    April 13, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    The ashy muse picture is very cute. :) Nice job on the trim too.

  2. eagergridlessbeaver

    April 14, 2011 at 8:26 am

    hehe..yes, she is adorably dirty. The picture is an homage to Mary Poppins. Yes, the trim turned out great..we are chomping at the bit to get the rest of the flooring planed and put in..


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